In-service training moving forward through effective M&E

We are working hard to streamline the student in-service training programme in order to build on it in the future and get more qualified individuals out into the agricultural workspace. An important step in this process has been the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system to ensure that all parties involved obtain the full measure of benefit from the programme. Instrumental in this regard has been the involvement of Mr. Hank Pike, a retired headmaster from Durban with over forty years’ service to education in the province.

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Dylan Weyer
Cyril Hlengwa's Irrigation Scheme

Yesterday we were pleased to have Mr. Cyril Hlengwa's irrigation scheme pegged with installation thereof soon to follow. Thank you very much to Dave Van Rensberg of Irrigation & Drainage Services in Pietermaritzburg for coming out and to Andrew Pooler from the Highflats Farmers Association for your assistance and agreeing to mentor Cyril going forward.

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